Friday, 28 June 2013

Ten Questions - Paul D. Brazill

Interviews are great but sometimes they don't ask the important questions, the nitty-gritty if you like. I'm starting an irregular series of interviews where the questions we want answers to are finally asked.

First up, the legend that is Mr Paul D. Brazill. The godfather of Brit Grit, wherever you find Noir, Pulp and Grit on the internet, he'll be lurking nearby.

Tiswas or Swap Shop?

Swap Shop. We couldn’t get Tiswas on Tyne Tees telly. It was a southern thing.

What's your latest book about?

This is what the publishers Byker Books say:
'Guns Of Brixton by Paul D Brazill is a tale of dirty rotten scoundrels engaged in what they do best. Stealing, killing and setting each other up. Think ‘Lock, Stock...’ crossed with ‘Love, Honour and Obey’ and you won’t go far wrong.  An absolute treat.'

Chips and cheese or chips and gravy?

Gravy. Chips and cheese is too continental.

Where do you write?

Wherever I plug in the lap top.

Bungle or Zippy?

Zippy. I worked with a bloke that was like Bungle and he was a twot.

Is your writing inspired by real events or does it come from a dark place in your head?

It’s a mish-mash of both. Reality with a twist.

A Team or Knight Rider?

A- Team and I pity the fool who says otherwise.

Physical book or e-book?

Horses for courses. If it has a tasty cover then physical book but ebook for eease.

Prisoner Cell block H or H from Steps?
Prisoner. Vinegar Tits specifically.

Where can we find you?

You can also find Paul's work on his amazon page

and Byker Books can be found at


  1. Bizarre...I was sure I watched TisWas at university in Durham in the 70s...Wikipedia says Paul D is probably right.
    Most of the other questions are after my time.
    Looking forward to the long promised G.O.B

  2. Thanks Andrew
    Tiswas surprised me too, I thought it was on everywhere.

  3. Tyne Tees only took it for it's last series in 1981, apparently. By then I was 19 and certainly not interested in 'fun.'

  4. Good fun, chaps. Think I'll sleep easier tonight knowing these insights! ;-)

    Oh, 'n' Andrew is right, you know - we had TisWas in Manchester too.

  5. Hello Col
    It looks like ATV in Birmingham made it. It was on in Oxford, I think we had LWT - London Weekend Television at that time. Did you get the wrestling just before World of Sport in Tyne Tees Paul?

  6. Oh, aye. We had our own local kids show called Saturday Shake Up.

  7. Hiya Charlie,

    Tarrant's a Brummy type (reading I think, close enough), so that makes sense.

    Big Daddy was my fave... sadly, I'm becoming him!

    1. I was always Giant Haystacks, I think it was the beard. My stomach's going in the wrong direction too, middle age unfortunately...