Monday, 24 June 2013

Back in the allotment

It's been a few weeks since the last update, but much has been done in the way of allotmenteering.

Few pics of last time (about middle of May) to now:

Mid May

6 Weeks later

A few changes. Amazingly, the shed is still standing. From front to back there are French beans, Broad beans and 100 onions. Apple trees have fruit on then as do the strawberries.

Looking the other way.

From front to back: parsnips, potatoes, beetroot, cauliflowers, swedes then sprouts.

The covered hole on the right isn't a man-trap, it's been dug out for sweetcorn which should be planted this weekend.

There are a few problems. Firstly, anything uncovered seems to attract grass and weeds which grow quicker than I can shift them. Secondly, I had a big pile of soil and rubbish in the middle (where most of the pictures are taken from) which I tried to move at the weekend. Twenty barrows full of soil and a bad back later, I've barely touched it. This is a bit worrying as I'm running out of room down the bottom to dump it and I've only got one back which may take a while to heal.

The good news is apart from sweetcorn and a few courgettes, I'm all planted up so can now concentrate on the ever growing greenery and putting paths and more plastic / weed protection down. Might even get a chance to sort the shed out in August.

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