Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Back in the allotment

Devoid of anything more important, relevant or interesting to say, I take you back to the allotment

The strawberries have been  replanted which took forever to do. But I now have 68 strawberry plants which should provide about 20-30 kilos of strawberries in a three week period next june.

Looking the other way and into the sun, doesn't look like I've done much recently but there's been a lot of digging. The sprouts and parsnips are ready and going down well and there's about 20 spring cabbage plants under the netting.

Apart from backache from the digging, it's not gone that badly I don't think. It should be a lot easier to manage next year as it's nearly dug over and it's fairly tidy. The shed and greenhouse need sorting out so that'll keep me busy over the winter.