Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ten Questions - Pete Sortwell

Whether it's Village, Office or Govenment, Pete sorts out the idiots so you don't have to. A prolific writer, his work spans not only comedy, but also tackles more serious subjects, as seen in his novel So Low So High. He lives in Northampton which is a bit like Southampton but without the sea.

Tiswas or Swap Shop?
I have no idea. I’m an 80’s child so it was more Go live and CDUK, maybe a bit of Funhouse but I think that was on in the week.

What's your latest book about?
I’ve actually just released two diary books, one is about an expectant father who finds himself with a pregnant girlfriend he didn’t have a month ago and the second is the follow up which Is about a father in the first three months of his new terrifying journey (Diary of a Hapless Father). It’s written in diary form, which is something I always wanted to do after reading Adrian Mole all those years ago.

Sonic or Mario ?

Mario AND sonic and the winter Olympics.

Where do you write?
Sitting on my pet sofa. His name is Jeff.

Chorlton or the Wheelies?

I’m lost.

Is your writing inspired by real events or does it come from a dark place in your head?

I think it’s a bit of both, a bit of reality and then, in some cases, there’s a bit of my worse nightmare thrown in their too. Plus a little bit humour in the form of ‘how funny would it be if it were happening to someone else’

Steve Coogan or Steve Davis?

Ahhhhhhhaaaaaaa! Steve Coogan, hands down.

Physical book or e-book?

For selling? E-book. For reading, I still prefer the paper ones, although I don’t get the time to read these days unfortunately.

Prisoner Cell block H or H from Steps?

These questions, Charlie…

Where can we find you?

Twitter: @petesortwell

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