Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Ten Questions - Nick Quantrill

Hailing from Hull, the home of white telephone boxes and that bloke from The Housemartins, Nick Quantrill has just had his third Joe Geraghty novel released. With his forthcoming appearances at The Hull Heads Up Festival Crime Event and Icelandic Noir Festival looming, Nick takes some time out to answer Ten Questions.

Kickstart or Why don't you?

I genuinely don’t remember “Kickstart”, but I always wanted to be in the cool “Why Don’t You?” gang. It reminds of me of warm summers, doing nothing but playing football on the nearby field.

What's your latest book about?

“The Crooked Beat” is my third Joe Geraghty novel. Geraghty is now a former Private Investigator looking for a new purpose, but when his brother finds himself mixed up with a missing consignment of smuggled cigarettes, it’s time to get back to work.

Curry or Chinese?

Neither. I’m strictly a steak and chips man if I’m found in such restaurants.

Where do you write?

I’m not fussy. Usually, I’m in an armchair in my living room, trying to block out my daughter’s nursery rhymes CD. It’s all fair game. I’ll write anywhere. I’ve trained myself not to need silence.

Hull City Tigers, Surrey Lions or Nottingham Panthers?

DO NOT START ME ON THIS! Football clubs are rooted in communities and although players, managers and owners come and go, the club’s identity shouldn’t. It saddens me to think my club could potentially throw away over 100 years of history on a marketing whim. Sport in this country is not based on franchises. If it was, I’d walk away.

Is your writing inspired in any way by real events?

My work is based in my home city of Hull, so I think it’s natural that the reality of the place bleeds into the books - I certainly hope it does - but I’m not deliberately looking for real live events to kick-start a novel.

How many yards in a nautical mile?

Ha! It’s true that I have a GCSE in Nautical Studies, so I should have an idea what a nautical mile equates to. I did finish with a Grade G, so I’m clearly stupid. I think a nautical mile is a little shorter than a regular mile, but don’t quote me on that…*runs mental calculation*…3,000 yards?

Physical book or e-book?

I’m awkward, as I like both. I spend a lot of time at home with my daughter, so I tend to download a fair bit. If I’m reading for research, I like to be able to flick between pages and make notes.

Who'd win in a fight - Geraghty or Rebus?

I want to back my man, but Rebus is a seriously nasty piece of work when he gets going…

Where can we find you?

Usually sat in my armchair writing or watching Hull City Association Football Club. Failing that,

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