Monday, 3 June 2013

Seven Daze now out as e-book

Well, the release is here.

Seven Daze is now available on kindle for £2.04 in the UK

or for $3.09 in the US

The paperback version is available from Caffeine Nights    Amazon  Waterstones and others

Released from prison, and hacked off with a life of petty crime, Jim takes a new job: contract killing. But, what happens when your first hit fails? When the target has a heart attack before you can pull the trigger?

Charlotte, a keen city worker, jumps to the victim’s aid in South London’s busy streets. Should Jim carry out the contract and also kill Charlotte? What he shouldn’t do is help her save his life.

The man saved, Jim has a problem; not only does his boss want his advance back, he also expects compensation. Immediately. With seven days to make ten grand, Jim starts a one-man crime spree in the heart of London. But will his budding relationship with Charlotte prove to be a help or a hindrance as he struggles to stay alive?


  1. Hooray! Missed this in my travels. Hope you've had a celebratory pint or two.

  2. Thanks Kym. I must admit to having one or two drinks to celebrate.