Thursday, 13 June 2013

A week in...

I was going to say it's nearly seven days since the release of Seven Daze, but I won't.

From the highlight of the Allotment shed e-book launch where I couldn't get a mobile signal to the lowlight of, actually there haven't been any lowlights. Not wanting to get all tearful or whatever, but when you start writing you do have a certain dream of holding a copy of a book in your hand one day.

A bit like that really.

The first of review Seven Daze is in. You can read the review in full on Daz Sant's website.

I was on BBC Radio Derby on monday afternoon talking about Seven Daze and a few books that have inspired me to write. Obviously it was both an exciting and nervous day, it being my first appearance of any kind on radio.

You can listen to it here on the author page of Caffeine Nights website.


  1. Drink it all in's payback for all those 1/2 hours spent tapping away after a full day's work!

  2. Thanks Kym. I'm going to have to reclaim that half hour and start writing again soon (had a few months off.)

    1. Oh goodie! (to quote my inner child). Looking forward to what's next.