Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Cure, Compost bins and Chilies

So what's happening down the allotment? Well, this for one thing.

Made out of used pallets, it's me compost bin. Throw all greenery in and garden waste in, cover up and a year later, hey presto, free compost. I managed to seriously hurt my back moving the pallets around and digging the bottom part in, so not a great deal more got done down the 'lotment this weekend. Hopefully it'll be better for the bank holiday when I've got another ten square yards to dig over before it's too late to plant anything.

Had the first of this year's chili's too on saturday. Sorry for lack of picture, but it was from a garden centre plant bought in march who's name tag got lost, but I think it was called Big Joe or something. Had it on Nachos with cheese, very nice too, but not very hot.

In other news, today is World Goth Day so what better way to celebrate it than this song.

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