Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Delays, black fly and meccano cliff lifts.

In case you were wondering, the release of Seven Days has been delayed until next monday, the 3rd of June. It's still available to pre-order direct from Caffeine Nights and also Amazon UK. The e-book version will also be available on monday.

Did a bit of digging at the allotment, and discovered my broad beans have black fly. It's not really clear from the photo, but I gave them a good squirt with blackfly spray but I'm not sure if I've saved them in time.

 My first potato foliage has popped through the soil, which is nice, and also the gooseberry bush is starting to fruit.

Also, we went to a combined local Country Fair / Steam Traction / Antiques fair day which, as you'd expect, had something for almost everyone. The highlight for me was a steam engine powered Meccano cliff lift. Wish I'd taken a photo, but there's a similar one on this site.

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