Thursday, 16 May 2013

Allotment part two

Four weeks, a bad back and several wind swept days later, the allotment is starting to take shape. A few before and after pictures are in order.


Okay so it's hardly the sort of makeover magic that makes TV programmes, but to be fair it's coming on. There's three rows of potatoes and one of parsnips in there.


The photo's from a slightly different spot, but I've got 100 onions in and a row of broad beans plus dug enough room for me runner beans when it warms up a bit. The onions are sprouting and the beans are just starting to pop through, which is nice. I've also cleared up the strawberry bed  abit though the picture doesn't do it justice.

One interesting event, if you can call it either an event or interesting, was meeting a quad-bike riding man with a trailer full of horse poo. Now if three months ago someone had offered me a pile of hoss manure, I'd have told him where to stick it. Now though, I went all gooey eyed, thanked him profusely and am now the owner of the pile of straw and horse droppings below.

Apparently it takes a year to rot down to a useable state. It does whiff a bit, but the wind tends to blow the worst of the smell onto my neighbours patch so job's a good un.

As the previous bloke left behind two established rhubarb plants, we've had a few lots of rhubarb and custard, which, as any Brit in their earlier 40's will know, was the name of the best cartoon ever.

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