Friday, 5 July 2013

Very short review - Dead Spy Running by Jon Stock

Millhouse from the Simpsons once said, 'This is like Speed 2 except it's on a bus instead of a boat.' Well Dead Spy Running is a bit like both Speed 1 and 2, except it's on foot.

At the start, a man has a bomb strapped to his body while running the London marathon and if his speed drops less than a few miles per hour, the bomb will explode, taking out the US ambassador who also happens to be running nearby.

The plot interested me as I did quite like the Speed films, and I also loved the Father Ted episode with the milkfloat. Back to Dead Spy Running, the bombing is just the very start, afterwards we have a fast paced international chase to get the bad guys. Of course, the spy's a paranoid loner and has some issues, and everyone thinks he's responsible for the bombing. All good spy novel stuff.

If you're a fan of spy novels, it ticks all the boxes. Fast paced, secrets and gadgets, and twists and turns galore. I don't usually give marks out of 5, but there's better books out there and there's also worse, so I guess it's a 3.

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