Monday, 22 July 2013

Bakewell Book Signing

Well, they were never going to be queueing around the block when I arrived. First book, first signing - it is, as everyone says, more a case of getting to know people and let the world know you exist.

I have to admit I was nervous in advance of it. I mean, apart from signing books, what exactly do you do at a book signing? Turns out that unless you've sold a few hundred thousand already, you wait patiently, talk to anyone who isn't avoiding you, hand out bookmarks and then sell a few.

The Bakewell Bookshop is at a corner of Matlock Street near the main roundabout.

I was in the window to the left of the picture just behind a little table. This ensured that as people walked by, they took a look in and read the poster on the window. There's a Bagpuss or Bakewell Tart joke in there somewhere, except the actual pastries are called Bakewell Puddings, but I suppose there's a joke there too.

After an hour or so of wishing the floor would open and swallow me alive, I sold some books. The first was to a very nice couple, who seemed interested in the story, and bought the book as a present for their friend. I suppose you never forget the first book you sign (I've signed a few others for friends, family, etc but obviously this was different). After that, the floodgates trickled open and at one point I even had someone waiting to talk to me.

Thanks to The Bakewell Bookshop for having me for the day, and for the Test Match updates, all in all it was a very enjoyable day.


  1. One down, many more to go I'm sure Charlie. You never know whose window you'll end up in!

  2. Thanks Kym. It was certainly a new and different experience.