Monday, 23 May 2016

Greenhouse mkII

Just like a Ford Cortina, sometimes mk II surpasses the original. Not true of all sequels of course, Jaws, Star Wars etc, nowhere near the original.

Last year, I polythened the old greenhouse thing on the allotment and it survived the summer but not the winter.

Early this year, work began on rebuilding. Firstly I gave it a coat of bargain shop wood preserve then fixed the door and one front side panel.

Then, someone kindly gave me a load of polycarbonate sheets.  I was originally going to use thicker plastic sheet, but the polycarbonate panels are much stronger and easier to fit.

 A few weeks later and a bit of bracing and it's getting there.

Finally, about ten days ago, the job was finished. It maybe needs a bit more bracing and sealing, but it's workable for the summer.

From the other side. Note the glass has somehow stayed intact for over five years. The end panels were all I had to replace on this side.

Finally, four days after fixing it, I fell over a gate while chasing the dog after she escaped, and I broke my big toe.

A week after doggate, I'm still not able to walk unsupported and so far have been nowhere near the allotment. Part of the bone that's fractured (turn away if you're queasy) has rotated 90 degrees so the Doc said it will be at least six to eight weeks before it's healed, maybe longer if it doesn't set right. I'm hoping in a few weeks I'll be able to go up the allotment and do light duties. Until then, the new greenhouse remains empty.

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