Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Back again in the allotment

Spring is finally here, bringing with it the promise of produce and a bad back from the allotment. Having got slightly ahead this year (or at least more ahead than in previous years) it's not the big rush it has sometimes been. So what's up the plot at the moment ?

Garlic, sown in October, is not looking that bad
I've been moving strawberries around as they were getting overgrown and I needed the space for something else

Most of the plot viewed down the length. There's some winter onions and shallots in there somewhere, and of course the last of the sprouts. I grew red sprouts this year but they never really came to anything. They didn't taste different to ordinary sprouts either.

So that's it for now. Nothing earth shattering, just getting things ready really. I did plant some broad bean seeds but they haven't come up yet so there was no point taking a picture. And sorry, but there's no shed or greenhouse picture this time. The greenhouse will be rebuilt, possibly over the may bank holiday, but maybe before if I get my act together.

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