Saturday, 23 July 2016

Been a while

Been a while since I posted something, especially something un-allotment related. Truth is, not much has been going on. Apart from breaking the big toe, learning 3d CAD, trying to walk the dog with a crutch, coping with an overgrown allotment, making strawberry jam and failing to learn how to use Oxford commas correctly, there's little I could have blogged about.

Bookwise, I'm fiddling with a police procedural which will be called The Last Gang in Town [yet another The Clash song title used] and toying with the Flustopia series, probably about halfway through the first part of it. I've got plenty of ideas for future books, but I guess until these two are out of the way, nothing else would or should get written.

And it's summer too, and hot (at least at the moment), so there's another reason for not blogging much. Normal service, as they say, will be resumed at some point soon.

Here's a picture of the dog looking nervous at the thought of  going in shed number 3.

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