Friday, 26 February 2016

Writing again

So I've written about another 20,000 words since the last writing update [insert: 'some of them in the right order' joke here] I was going to list (out of the five books on the go) what is now at what length, but I'm probably better off by giving a time scale when each will be finished...

Last Gang in Town - few more months as rewrites not as quick as just writing.
Sausage Roll Spy book (pie vs spy 2) - about October to November. The unstarted third spy book (working title Quiches Are Forever) should be mid next year.
Flu - part one about Christmas, the entire 1,000,000 words probably by 2020
The Bailout 2: Tracer - Yeah I started a sequel to The Bailout a few weeks ago. It's set in roughly 2018, which gives the newish dystopian Britain from The Bailout a chance to calm down and get in a routine (as Dystopia's like to). Probably ready next year sometime.
The Debt Collector book - this is the next police procedural featuring the same DI as in Last Gang in Town. Ready back end of next yearish.

That's that then.

Here's a picture of the inside of my shed featuring not only a recently put up shelf, but also a part made 'Trug' made from old pallets (it's in the lower half of the photo).

Trugs are actually quite easy to make. I saw plans for one in a gardening magazine and slightly adapted it (ie sawed the wood incorrectly) and have started collecting wood for a few others - thought I might sell them at a car boot sale or give them away for gardening relatives for xmas.

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