Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Spy with Eczema

As I know I've said before, the problem with writing and being easily distracted is you end with loads of book starts, quite a few almost finished books and a couple of ideas that you think would make crackers.

Last count is one finished comedy spy romp book, The Spy with Eczema, one very nearly finished police procedural, Last Gang in Town, three part finished books (20,000 words of a Dystopian Epidemic series that will eventually be a million words, 10,000 into a 90s Rave culture road trip, 10,000 into a young adult time travel yarn (yep, I've no idea how I started writing that one) 10,000 into the sequel to The Spy ... , and five more around the 5,000 mark including a Debt Collector (possibly will become another police procedural) and a half arsed start on a sequel to seven daze, and also about 10 short stories I don't know what to do with.

That's a lot of books (and commas and brackets)

Luckily, there's an easy solution to clear the backlog: release them on Amazon.

Starting first..... The Spy with Eczema is now out. The others will hopefully follow by some means or other.

Amazon UK

Amazon US


  1. Congrats on The Spy With Eczema Charlie...what a great way to finish the year!

  2. Thanks Kym.
    It's a start at clearing the backlog. Have a good new year!