Monday, 8 June 2015

Shoots, High winds and Bees

Allotment time again...

Another bout of recent high winds have tested the greenhouse thing but, as yet, the thing still hasn't fallen down. I've also got some tomatoes and a cucumber growing inside it.

 The cucumber is a 'ridge' outdoor type that I haven't yet dared to let outside due to it still being a bit chilly at night.

Strawberries are looking good. There's a hundred plants altogether (picture shows half of them) with at least ten flowers on each. This year was always going to be the bumper crop as strawberries tend to be at their best two years after planting, but the problem is they'll all come in the space of a fortnight. And that's a lot of strawberries.

Finally, had a run in with the compost bin yesterday. While trying to get some compost out, about thirty bees swarmed out and went for me. Obviously I ran and hid and eventually managed to cover the thing back up, but it looks like they've made a nest or hive or whatever and, to be honest, they can have it. Picture doesn't show much I'm afraid, but you get the general idea.

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