Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Remember this thing in the corner of the allotment plot?

Well after £11.23 on eBay plastic sheeting, a few quid on pound shop nails and screws, some scavenged wood and a bank holiday weekend, we have this...

So the plastic's a bit thinner than I thought and they've given out heavy winds tomorrow, but it has so far lasted two days. I'm particularly chuffed with the door which was fashioned from an old pasting table chopped down to size.

The side view (faces roughly south west) shows my handy-manning skills off in all their glory.

The other side, well, I ran out of steam and plastic at this point. I'll finish it off next weekend, if the whole thing hasn't blown away by then.

Tadpole watch is going well. The little things have grown and hopefully they'll be frogs everywhere up the allotment.


  1. Am I allowed to say that's really cute? And I love the price tag :) Nice one.

  2. Thanks Jackie,
    Amazingly it did survive the wind a few weeks back, though the plastic has stretched so it needs some remedial work.
    I'm already planning the next project - a polytunnel made from an old trampoline...