Thursday, 9 April 2015

Frogspawn, slugs and wood preservative

Strange things have been going on in the allotment bath tub. Whilst giving it a little clear out of some grass that somehow managed to grow on top of water (how does that work?) I noticed this.

Frogspawn, loads of it. This means two things. Firstly frogs are already somewhere on the plot, secondly it means a lot more frogs should be soon on the plot (subject to the vagaries of nature, predators etc). Frogs, if you didn't know, are good as they eat slugs. However, frogs and slug pellets don't mix too well as they kill frogs. So it looks like I won't be using slug pellets this year, I just hope the frogs do their bit and eat the slugs.

The greenhouse thing has been painted with extremely watery wood preservative and a few nails bashed in here and there. Operation fix roof has yet to begin, but is pencilled in for late April / early May.

Finally, the last of the Parsnips turned out to be a whopper

More allotment fun and games next time...

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