Friday, 20 December 2013

Ten Questions - Luca Veste

One of the best things to emerge from Merseyside since John Aldridge moved to Oxford in the mid eighties,  Luca Veste joins us on Ten Questions. A crime writer, psychology student and blogger (Luca not John Aldridge) he organised and edited the Off The Record Anthologies and his dead good debut crime novel - Dead Gone is available now as an e-book with the paperback out in January 2014.

Cider or Lager?

Lager. Cider is for drinking in parks when you're underage. And don't come at me with those fruity things. You're drinking alcopops. Just give me a bottle of Hooch instead. 

What's your latest book about?

A serial killer is stalking the streets of Liverpool, using infamous psychological experiments to kill his victims. DI David Murphy and DS Laura Rossi are tasked with tracking him down.

Tranmere or Everton?

This is like asking which is better - being punched in the head or the nethers. Both are bad choices to be given! I'll go with Tranmere, purely to annoy my bluenose brother.

Where do you write?

Mostly in the living room, laptop on knee, after midnight when the house is quiet. I also have an office I use (mostly when I'm editing). I've tried writing in public, but usually don't get very far.

Rebus or Frost?

Rebus all day. He is probably the best detective creation in recent history.

Is your writing inspired in any way by real events or is it all made up?

Some parts are lifted directly from my own experiences or people I know. Most is completely made up though. I don't know any serial killers... which was a shame when it came to research. All the psychological experiments in the book are real though.

Dennis Potter or Harry Potter?

Not having read any Harry Potter (I prefer my YA to be a bit more dystopian), I'll go with Dennis Potter. The Singing Detective is pretty good.

Physical book or e-book?

Physical book, but not for the reasons others usually say. I have OCD, and can't handle odd numbers. It's much easier to read physical books and finish reading on an even number, rather than ebooks and their odd percentages. I make an effort to read ebooks I really want to read, such as The Bailout (when is that sequel coming, Wade?!)

Facebook or Twitter ?

Twitter these days. Although having any kind of conversation is difficult with the 140 character limit. It is a great place to share sporadic thoughts and connect with people you probably couldn't via Facebook.

Where can we find you?
Site is 
and I'm on Twitter @LucaVeste

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