Friday, 25 October 2013

Short Review - From a Buick 8 - Stephen King

This book (and many others such as Desperation) is why I keep reading Stephen King. It almost reads like a camp-fire tale or Halloween scare story. A Buick rolls up at a gas pump, the driver wanders off never to be seen again, and the local law enforcers keep the car in a shed. Pretty standard fare, except the car boot is some kind of gateway to another dimension.

A real page turner where the suspense builds, you're left wanting not only more of the story but more of the characters' lives. I'd have been happy to read another thousand pages of back-story about the town created and the people there. Definately ranks up there with his best books.


  1. Love Stephen King. But has this got elements of fantasy? If so, I'll probably give it a miss. Should I try Desperation? I haven't read any SK for years, think the Green Mile (amazing!) was probably the last one. But you've reminded me of him, thank you.

  2. Hello Jaxbee. I think most Stephen King has elements of fantasy as horror always borderlines into it, but this is more horror though it's not scary-scary horror if that makes sense.

    Under The Dome is probably the best I've read of his recent work, well worth a look at.