Friday, 15 March 2013

Seven Daze Cover

So here it is, the cover of Seven Daze, which is being released by Caffeine Nights Publishing in late May.

If you don't know, Seven Daze is the story of an habitual small time criminal who gets a break when his cell mate introduces him to the world of contract killing. When his first job fails, he has to somehow find ten grand in seven days to repay his boss.

I have to admit, it's all getting a bit exciting now as the release date draws near. There's still much to do, read through final edits, finalise the back cover blurb and all that.

More coming up in the next few weeks.


  1. Ooh er Mr Wade how exciting!
    Are you admitting to being even moderately thrilled?

  2. It's a funny old feeling. I suppose I am moderately thrilled in a way. Seriously though, I'm trying to keep a lid on just how happy and exciting this all is - and it's not easy.